Visiting Family

Two weeks ago I had the blessing to visit my grandfather in Baton Rouge. It was a quick trip but so relaxing and calm. One of the perks of visiting Papa is usually I find a new photo of me when I was young. This time it goes to the one of two years that … More Visiting Family

Nesting Post Wedding

I love to organize and plan. Best that those happen in single day units. This is why I could excel in couponingĀ or wedding planning but I’m still getting better at keeping long term goals (*coughthisismymillionthblogcough*) but maybe this is my starting point. Since the big day, I’ve almost rearranged or gone through every nook and … More Nesting Post Wedding

After Wedding Bliss

Our big day is over, honeymoon paid for, and laundry (almost) done. We survived wedding stress and enjoyed a nice two week vacation in Florida and the Caribbean and have survived the first few weeks since being back home. There have been lots of Bed Bath & Beyond trips, and even more piles of things … More After Wedding Bliss