48 Hours in Chicago

Our vacation may not have technically been only a weekend but what we accomplished could easily be done in a weekend! How so? Let me show you!

Day 1:

Fly into Chicago & take train straight into Downtown. Check into your place of sleep and make your way to Sky Deck! If you buy The City Pass (which is amazing) you would get “Fast Pass” into Sky Deck which would cut a lot of time. But hopefully showing up some time before “sunset” you could save even more time.


After Skydeck, it would be a good time to walk to Cloud Gate and Buckingham Fountains.IMG_3119

Day 2

At this point, you have already seen 1 of the 5 City Pass events and this is the day to do a few more.

I would recommend stopping at Field Museum first. It closes before Shedd and Art Institute so go spend about 2 hours at Field. City Pass gets you into all the special exhibits.

IMG_2676Once you make it to Shedd, this explains why you get City Pass. Look at that general admission line!!


After spending 2-3 hours at Shedd and some lunch you can make your way to Chicago 360! I would take a taxi or bus at this point, those two are pretty far away but you can figure out dinner between the two and make it to Chicago 360 for sunset.

After Chicago 360, ideally it’s Saturday Night and Navy Pier is hopefully doing fireworks! Bonus points if you do it on a ship! Tall Ship Windy was great and they even told ghost stories!


Day 3:

This is when you would start the morning before your flight back at Art Institute of Chicago. They open early enough to spend a few hours there before lunch time.

So in about 48 hours, you would complete the following:

  • SkyDeck
  • Cloud Gate
  • Buckingham Fountain
  • Field Museum
  • Shedd Aquarium
  • Chicago 360
  • Navy Pier
  • Art Institute of Chicago

That is 5 of the places for City Pass plus some freebies!

What places in Chicago do you love to visit?

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