Visiting Family

Two weeks ago I had the blessing to visit my grandfather in Baton Rouge. It was a quick trip but so relaxing and calm.

Beautiful sky on the way to Baton Rouge. So many clouds covered the sun most of the trip so at least I got this glance.


My absolutely delicious lunch at Mike Andersons after landing.

One of the perks of visiting Papa is usually I find a new photo of me when I was young. This time it goes to the one of two years that I can remember playing soccer. Look how platinum my hair was!!


One of his favorite toys, his Apple Watch. Papa has always been with the trends when it comes to electronics.
One of his favorite things is his afternoon coffee and pastry from Whole Foods. Of course while we are out he sees multiple people that he knew. Such a popular man!

My papa means a lot to me. I was around him A LOT while I was growing up. It’s so sad and hard on me that he is 9 hours away from me but I’m glad that I got to spend some time with him.

On the trip he helped plan Trey and I’s trip to Europe in the fall, offering his recommendation of cities and paths to take, specifically while in Norway, where he grew up before coming to the states. I also was able to help give him some plans and ideas for his trip to Boston and back to Norway this summer.

I’ve also been researching some family genealogy and was able to find some documents with him from That was really cool to see his reactions when he would find family or friends on the birth records from Norway!

Overall it was a quick, relaxing two day vacation. I cannot wait to see him again!! I love you papa!!


From the airport when he was dropping me off.
Sunset from Houston. Back to Atlanta I go!


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