Day 0: Flight to Europe

On board and Ready!!

So we were able to start the day productive. Productive as in Trey picked up the rest of the apartment and I got massage and my hair done…but all three were much needed!!
Once I was done with my hair, I picked up some lunch and went home. We finished the last few things and called Lyft. And as the frugal one, I found out I had a 50% off coupon on my account!
Once we got to the airport we found ourselves at Ecco, a lovely restaurant/bar. Trey had himself a German beer to get us in the mood but I wanted to have myself one last Sweetwater 420.

Ecco Bar at Hartsfield International Terminal

Then it was time to board the plane! Of course German engineering has the last aisles board first, and we were seated in the front section. Boarding didn’t take too long, but I now have a pet peeve: if there is space over your row and aisle for your carry-on, don’t put yours somewhere else!! Trey and I had things in ours that we needed through the flight and had to lean over other people to get it.

Once on the plane we made ourselves comfortable. We also now know that Lufthansa has wonderful service!! We started looking at the movie selections and were excited to see things like “You Before Me” and “Batman vs. Superman” and several other movies we hadn’t seen yet.

Then the flight attendants came by with our first round of drinks, and this is where things get interesting. I had no idea that international flights had free alcoholic beverages. Hello white wine. They even came through one more time before dinner was served.

Which, dinner, was amazing!! I had the vegetarian pasta and Trey had the chicken. I’m very glad I had the pasta but the chicken was delicious as well! Then the flight attendants came around with wine one more time and I finished dinner: pasta, a delicious roll, ceased salad and an AMAZING dessert of some sort. Then it was coffee/tea time, then dessert alcohol of Bailey’s or cognac.


Now I sit on the plane watching How I Met Your Mother, watching the sunset over New York City, trying to see if I will be able to sleep normally on this plane. But don’t worry, I have my inflatable foot riser from China, my inflatable pillow and SnowCap the Lemur. Let’s see how this goes!!

SnowCap: Trey’s Christmas gift to me 4 years ago. Wonderful pillow now!

Hello NYC!!
Stars over the Atlantic

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