Nesting Post Wedding

I love to organize and plan. Best that those happen in single day units. This is why I could excel in couponing or wedding planning but I’m still getting better at keeping long term goals (*coughthisismymillionthblogcough*) but maybe this is my starting point.

Since the big day, I’ve almost rearranged or gone through every nook and cranny at our lovely one bedroom apartment. Main accomplishments were going through the wedding stuff to sell (profited on our charger plates!), cleaned off our balcony and storage closet outside (bye bye random Christmas things and empty wine bottles), and the bedroom closet.

A few things I learned:

  • You really don’t need that top that you wore that one time to that one event. I used to work at American Eagle, so I have a lot of clothes. I kept trying to come up with reasons why I needed so many shirts. I had a goal for our honeymoon which was packing similar to capsule wardrobes. I kept to corals and white and that influenced me to weed out my clothes. I’m no where near a capsule wardrobe but maybe one day I can do that. But that requires me investing better money into my clothes.
  • But it maybe worth keeping those purple or pink heels. While clothes can be easily resold I find that shoes cannot. So get rid of the shoes that hurt your feet, as much as you may want to keep them because they are awesome to look at and any that have holes (boots..) but having those purple heels will come in handy for statement dresses. Just don’t get any more purple heels.
  • If you never expect to resell it, don’t keep the box. I keep all my electronic boxes (Apple or some expensive headphones) but those Hallmark ornament boxes that I had been keeping for YEARS can be trashed. Half of the ornaments are damaged after being on Christmas Trees with animals and little children, why keep the boxes. They take up more space then just wrapping each ornament in newspaper each season.
  • Invest in better storage. I was the queen of utilizing what we had or what I could get my hands on for free. This caused a bit of chaos with our things. So Trey was fine with me spending some of the wedding gift cards on a new unit and shoe rack for the closet. Then I also bought some shelves. It’s so weird that it takes that little to make a closet look 100 times better. I still want a better solution for the top shelf but this still looks better. And it only took taking a few screws out of the wall from the bottoms shelf that was provided by the apartment and I can just place it back when we move.
Went through our entire closet and realized we actually have a lot more space! Imagine what some shelves will do
Went through our entire closet and realized we actually have a lot more space! Imagine what some shelves will do

So hopefully someone else can learn that we all struggle. Our closets and storage are straight out of a Pinterest board but we sure can try! I spent about $130 between gift cards and some cash to get this looking so much better. Even a trip to The Dollar Tree for big $1 bins helps with places like the bathroom (which we also did).

What real life organization tips do you have?


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