Our Trip to Chicago!

Posed as an early birthday trip for me, Trey and I decided that I was going to meet him in Chicago during his training for a mini-vacay!

I had never been to Chicago so it was a treat for me and my uncle and aunt actually live there so at least I knew I had a place to crash while Trey was at training still.

Day 1:

I flew in on Wednesday morning. Originally a friend from work was going to meet me there for the day (a quick flight for her) and we would do all the major sites that day. As I wake up at 5am for my flight I find texts from her that her flights were canceled and would not make it. So I flew up and met Trey instead and dropped my stuff off at his hotel then made my way downtown to still see some of the sites! I walked about 10 miles around Chicago and I visited: Lincoln Park Zoo, Both Apple Stores, the Beach (and a lovely 1.5 mile walk along it), and Michigan Avenue.

IMG_0021 IMG_0015 IMG_0014 IMG_0023IMG_1221IMG_1224IMG_1254

After running around Trey met me downtown and we went to see Cirque De Soleil – Kurios! What was awesome about Kurios is that we sat 4th row from the front and we were asked if we wanted to walk across the bridge they had on stage! um YES PLEASE!

IMG_6932 IMG_6936

Day 2:

This day started with Uncle Larry taking me to eat some Chicago Deep Dish pizza and Trey and I attending the Cubs vs Braves game! We lucked out that the Braves were playing the Cubs.

IMG_1269 IMG_6982

Day 3:

This day was mainly for the Zoo Brew happening at Brookfield Zoo. Uncle Larry, Trey and myself went to Brookfield that evening to try some delicious beer samples. Of course we got to see some animals!!

IMG_1312 IMG_1313 IMG_6990 IMG_7019 IMG_7027 IMG_7034

Day 5:

This is where it got fun! Trey and I got up early this morning to take the train downtown. We killed it in the plans of visiting Chicago for sure!

  • Checked into Hotel
  • Walk to Sky Deck: Willis Tower
  • Taxi to Field Museum
  • Walked to Shedd
  • Walked to Buckingham Fountain
  • Walked to “The Bean”
  • Walked back to Hotel
  • Taxi to Navy Pier for Tall Ship Windy
  • Taxi back to Hotel for some sleep!



IMG_7126IMG_7176 IMG_7179 IMG_7329


Day 5:

The day to leave šŸ˜¦ We went to the Art InstituteĀ of Chicago then enjoyed some more deep dish pizza before heading back to the airport.

IMG_7635 IMG_7655

Overall the trip was amazing. Biggest tip: GET THE CITY PASS!! The City Pass retail was close to $100 (I got an additional discount due to work yay!) but it included “Fast Pass” to Sky Deck, Shedd, Field Museum, and Art Institute. If it hadn’t been for the fast pass line we would have wasted 4+ hours just waiting in line. Instead we only spent about 30-45 minutes at all 4 places waiting in line. So besides saving half the cost of regular ticket price for City Pass, the time saved is worth it.

I just can’t wait to visit again!

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