2 Weeks till Disney Checklist

So. You’re countdown is on. You have your fast passes booked and dining reservations! Maybe you even have your Magic Bands in hand! Well what are all the things you should be looking at? Here is my 2 week countdown checklist for our trip to Disney!!

  1. Confirm reservations. If you haven’t figured out your fast passes, best do that soon! Many rides are already out of available times for our trip coming up. Also make sure if you need dining reservations it’s done. Its easy to do since most of them just require a credit card to hold but you can cancel 24 hours in advanced.
  2. Confirm transportation. Are you flying into MCO and are staying on resort? Have you confirmed your Magical Transportation? Are you renting a car or simply driving down? Have you confirmed if you need change for all the toll roads in Florida?
  3. Starting your shopping list. We have many things already from past travels, but I know we need some reusable ponchos! Also looking at bringing some snacks from home and some extras that we are simply out of at home like bandaids! Last on our shopping list are the fans you can keep around your neck. I will have a camera in my hand at all times, I don’t want to have to deal with a fan if I don’t have to!
  4. Make sure your home is in order. Look at making sure your animals or mail are taken care of. Things like cleaning up the place and cleaning the fridge are things I’ll do a few days before the flight. I work up until the day I leave so I’m needing to be aware of my few days off left.
  5. Do you need a mani/pedi or haircut? It’s simple things like this that is usually not doable to be a last minute plan. This is also getting zoned out according to my work schedule.
  6. Prescription refills. I’m thinking about getting another contact prescription so I’m handling that a few days before the trip so I can get a set ready for the trip! I’ll of course bring my glasses as a backup.
  7. Organize your technology. We live in a tech world. I just spent a few hours making sure my SD cards had the data saved and then formatted so I’m not mistakenly deleting pictures while at Disney. I also am making sure I have all the pieces of my camera chargers and other electronic devices.
  8. Plan a grocery delivery. I’ve been doing my research on different ways to have food for our trip so we can save some money from the restaurants. Because we are flying we can’t just fill up the car with food so I wrote down a list of ideal things to have and priced out bringing the dry goods or shipping them with things like Garden Grocer or Instacart. Instacart did with price wise for what we needed and will plan to use them. We will bring some snacks from our local Aldi that can fit in our checked luggage.
  9. Backup your phones. The worst thing that can happen is your precious smart phone getting liquid or dropping on Main Street. Make sure there isn’t anything important that isn’t backed up.
  10. Make any DIY items like Mickey Ears or Shirts. I’m a couponer and I have my own Etsy shop. I love the idea of having Mickey Ears each day of the trip and different themed shirts according to the park I’m in and because I’m such a procrastinator, I’m working on them now. I’ve already made the tank I will wear on the plane!!

Are there other things you do before a Disney trip that I missed? Let me know below!! Did this list help? Will pin it to share with your friends!!

2 Weeks till Disney Checklist


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