Tips for Planning Your Vacation to Disney World

It can be daunting to plan a trip to Disney World but it doesn’t have to be!!

You can do one of two things:

  1. Go through a Disney Vacation Travel Agent
  2. Plan it yourself

To go through a Disney Vacation Travel Agent, it could be a great weight lifted off your shoulders. If you stay on Disney properties, they can book your dining reservations, fast passes, general tour plans, hotels and airport transportation.

But where is the fun in that? I’m the planner. I always have spreadsheets and apps to help plan my Disney trips! So here are some of my tips!


Download the My Disney Experience app


This app is your gateway to Disney. Through this app you can order meals, create Fast Passes, get wait times, find show times and even locate the nearest bathroom! It’s available in iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

Sign up for

The last few trips I’ve use this site to help plan our days. I prefer to be efficient in our walking, why hop from one side to the other if you don’t have to? This site keeps track of crowds and park times. If something changes they will even email you to let you know!

Calculate if a dining plan is worth it.

I found a wonderful site, Dad’s Guide to WDW that lets you calculate what meals you’d order and price out the different levels of dining plans. I’ve used a dining plan for each of my adult trips and it’s amazing!! But sometimes it’s not worth spending all the money if you don’t need to.

I then use to help check menu items and prices

Are you planning on just a couple fancy meals but not for the whole trip? You can book two different resort reservations and only use the meal plan on one of them. If you switch resorts, Disney will transport your luggage for you but they should be able to keep you in the same room for the whole time if you stay at one. This allows you to use points to their maximum for dining


It allows the Disney Photographers to be your own personal photographer. It’s another “set it and forget it” like the dining plan. It includes rides and some ride videos! If you tell them you have the photo pass, they will turn each into a mini photo shoot if you wish. Just make sure no one else is waiting.

Maximize extra hours

If you stay on resort or at a few Disney Springs hotels, you can access extra morning or evening hours. The parks tend to be extra crowded on these days but you can still arrive early or late and beat some of the crowds, just plan to hop over to another park

Don’t forget your packing list!!

Keep in mind the Florida weather while packing. In the summer, they usually have rain showers every afternoon so pack extra ponchos. The humidity gets only worse after that so maybe a small neck fan. Sunscreen is also vital for anytime of the year

Want to save some money?

Don’t buy your ears at the park! You can find some super fun ones on Etsy or you can even make them yourself! There are also a lot of fun Disney clothes from places like Target, Walmart of UNILOQ!

Do you have any good tips while planning a trip to Disney? Post them in the comments!!


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