What Electronics Should I Bring?

When we were traveling in Europe, the difference in weight for Trey & I’s bag was obvious. Why? Well I had all the electronics! After that trip, I’ve been able to get a little wiser on the amounts of things I brought, but there is one thing for sure: I will not travel without my cameras.

What exactly do I bring?

Well, it can vary depending on activities and locations but this is generally my main list for the last few trips

What is new this year?

Now of course you maybe looking at that list and going “Boy… thats an overkill. Do you really need a mic? Flash drives? AirPods… Really?” Well, luckily some of those little items are so small, I just throw them in the bag with me. Plus, the AirPods are amazing… We have a lot of travel downtime between flights and ferries that when I don’t want to deal with noise canceling headphones, I can just pop those in. Plus they are more comfortable than my noise canceling headphones.

Here is what my electronic bundle looks like for Greece

Everything on the list except the computer, one lens,  tripod & iPhone

Luckily it is a summer trip, so I do not have to worry about bulky clothes or shoes like I did for Europe. As I start my packing for Greece, this pile my change slightly but the only thing missing would be the camera instert I plan to buy from Amazon this week. I’m also trying something new with the orginzation. The pink and purple thing, thats an eye glass holder from Dollar Tree that I plan to house all my camera batteries and card readers. The thing below it will have my headphones. The Eagle Creek bag has all the cables I would only need for the hotel. I left the corded multi USB cable out becuase I want that handy while at the airport since it would mainly be used with the AUKEY external charger. The GoPro and Ricoh Theta will end up in the bag with the DJI Osmo.


What electronics do you bring on your trips or vacations?

There are affliate links. They are the exact items I’ve purchased and if you purchase through the links, it helps support our travels! They do not cost any extra for you. 


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