The Wedding Party

Best Man – Daniel Bradley – The “In the womb” Best Friend

Groomsman – Griffin Wyatt – The “Number 1 Stunna” Best Friend

Groomsman – Michael O’Connell – The High School Best Friend


Matron of Honor 

Caitlin Bradley – The College Bestie

Our first picture together EVER

tl;dr Met while working at AE. Lived together for a year. She introduced me to my future husband. Gotta love her.

Caitlin and I met at American Eagle. My ex was training her in fitting rooms during the day but I got to train her on filling jeans on the floor when we bonded. We soon started hanging out then I found out that they needed a roommate and I needed a place to stay for the year, so within 2 months we were roommates!

We spent many nights watching dance videos or eating chips and queso from Moe’s. We sadly had to part ways after that one year but we were still only 10 blocks away from each other.

Before moving out she started dating this tall guy with a super curly short fro. I realized I actually knew the guy from a few years ago when he let myself & my boyfriend at the time into The Craig (a climbing gym in Nashville) after hours. Either way, they started getting pretty serious.

Then one night she insisted that I go with her to OCI (well… Goal Post Tavern) where I met up with her and Daniel (the curly fro red head) and this other guy who come to find out was Daniel’s oldest best friend. We were having a good time while Caitlin & Daniel were playing a game of “how many times will Tia talk about Georgia Tech?!” The night went on with me realizing HOW TALL this guy was and that he kept trying to help me pack to visit my boyfriend (creepy!!)

4 months later I was single and 3 months later Caitlin was doing her best friend duty by making sure Trey and I met up for my birthday. The rest is history.

So I literally thank Caitlin for the rest of my life.


Stefanie Bennett – The High School Bestie

One of her visits to Atlanta!
One of her visits to Atlanta!

tl;dr Met sophomore year of high school. Besties ever since! The friend who was there for me through thick and thin

Some of you may not know that I was in the colorguard/winterguard in high school for three years. And no, not military but the marching band version. I started my sophomore year and met some great ladies in my grade, but Stefanie is the one who I always loved and knew I would know forever. She was the friend who my mom called complaining about guys I was dating, I mean what a great friend!

She actually got engaged three days after me!! So we actually get to plan this amazing part of our lives together and I wouldn’t have it any other way. While three hours separate us currently, we joke that I will probably see her more often living in Atlanta then I did when we lived in the same city. Why do you say that? Because she LOVES her cousin’s two (soon to be three!) babies and they live 30 minutes away from me. Hello dress shopping in Atlanta!!


Martha Edmondson – The future sister-in-law!!

Morning after the proposal!
Morning after the proposal!

I haven’t dated many guys who had siblings. I love that Trey has his sister!! She’s 3 years younger and is one of the sweetest people I know. It’s actually because of her that Trey and I ran into each other Fall 2012 during a BOSS Dance CO Flash Mob. Martha joined BOSS that year and Trey knew that if he didn’t get a video of the dance for their mom he would not hear the end of it. It’s there that I saw the super tall guy I had seen twice before. I met Martha and then Trey and I walked to The Seal and parted ways. Thats the day I went back to the Beacon and Trey got “graded” by the girls (luckily he got an extra .5 points for being an accountant!)

I hope to have a great time with Martha as one of my ladies!!

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