Last Minute Vacation Checklist

It’s officially that time. Time for me to already know what I will be packing for Greece, but do I? Nope.

I’m still spending a little too much time on Amazon Same Day Shipping options.

Luckily this is not our first trip out of the country together, and I mostly know what side assortment items to bring, but I’ll feel better tonight when I can do laundry and actually pack.

So what type of errands do you need to remember the week you take a vacation?

  • USPS Mail Stop: This one is important. You’d hate for people to realize you are out-of-town with a mailbox full of mail. Luckily it’s easy to do on USPS’s website here
  • Call your Credit Card Companies: It would suck to be buying a coffee after a 12 hour flight for your card to be declined. Make sure to call your banks and inform them of your travel plans. They can often put specifics dates on their system so if something fraudulent happens after you are back, it can be stopped. This goes for even across the USA.
  • Tell your landlord or neighbor: If something happens to your house while you are gone, you’d want someone close to know where you are or how to get ahold of you while you are gone. Plus they can help water your plants or walk your dog if you have a system worked out for that.
  • Clean your place: Usually unpacking after a trip is not the first thing people want to do when they get home (well, my husband does) and having to add cleaning your bedroom, putting away the laundry, or emptying the dishwasher does not help. Do yourself a favor and clean before you leave.
  • Clean out the fridge/trash: Even if you don’t get to clean your place, do at least clean the fridge and take out the trash. Expired food that could sit and create science experiments may not be fun when you get back. Same goes for stinky trash after a week.
  • Check-in to your flight: Usually 24 hours before your flight you want to go ahead and check in. For some tickets, you cannot get your seat assignment till you check-in so it’s worth setting an alarm clock for.
  • Charge your electronics: Make sure your batteries have charge. Especially if you are using noise canceling headphones!
  • Know your transportation: Make sure you know when you need to leave and plan for any traffic. Getting to the airport in Atlanta could be 30 minutes, it could be 90 minutes. Luckily the navigation app, Waze, is excellent.
  • Confirm accommodations: Make sure you have your sleeping accommodations and additional travel tickets. Print of an extra copy and make sure to email a set to yourself as well.
  • Have important documents: And make sure your passport isn’t expired! If you have Global Entry, don’t forget your card. Travel insurance is important to many people as well. These documents include: State Issued ID, Passport, Global Entry Card, Travel Insurance, Medical Insurance Card, credit card/debit card, and travel or entertainment tickets.

Hopefully this list helps you with any last-minute to-do lists!

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