Trey’s Birthday!!

So over the last week or so Trey has had a long birthday celebration!!

His birthday was on June 30 and I was able to cook some crawfish étouffée and grabbed some DELICIOUS desserts from Alon’s Bakery in Dunwoody. Here are some examples!!



Trey’s favorite dessert is chocolate mouse so I made sure to get as much of it as I could.

The weekend before he was able to join me at the Chic Bridal Bridal show as well! We met some wonderful photographers and I scored a free pamper session from Mary Kay for when all the girls come in later this month for dress shopping!!


Then he had a few days to rest before his family came in for some Braves games!! Friday was the Fourth of July game with fireworks. Luckily the Braves won both games he attended. Otherwise I would have never heard the end of that one!!







We had AMAZING seats for the first game. Row 25 & Trey got the aisle seat (his height doesn’t allow for much leg room in stadiums or transportation)

The next day we went to Top Golf with his family, went swimming with his cousin & then they went to the Braves game that afternoon while I worked on some stuff at the apartment then met up again for a delicious meal at Cibo e Beve. This restaurant is less than 2 minutes from the apartment and I wish we would have gone sooner. Veerrryyyy delicious!

That’s all the exciting things that have happened in the last few weeks besides wedding planning!

Have a wonderful evening y’all!!

Future Mrs. Edmondson


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